Tissue Culture Core Facility

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    UTMB Health Medical Research Building (MRB) 4.128 11th Street & Mechanic Galveston 77555-1019

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Tissue Culture Core Facility (TCCF) provides a range of products and cell culture support to UTMB investigators in a time- and cost-efficient manner. The facility provides products for tissue culture, molecular biology, and immunology research from multiple vendors at a substantial discount. The facility also provides services that include heat-inactivation of serum, mycoplasma detection and eradication, cell separation and isolation using a Miltenyi Biotech autoMACS magnetic cell sorter, cryogenic preservation and liquid nitrogen repository of cells, COMET assay with analysis for the measurement of DNA strand breaks in individual cells, and around-the-clock monitoring of critical equipment with off-site data backup for GLP usage (e.g., refrigerators, freezers, incubators, liquid nitrogen tanks). In addition, the TCCF provides an online ordering system for oligonucleotides from Sigma-Genosys and IDT, and for cell line authentication from Genetica DNA Labs. Additional services such as large scale cell culture and hybridoma propagation can be discussed on a case-by-case basis.


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