Organization profile

Organization profile

The Sealy Institute for Drug Discovery and Development (SIDD) is established to enable a highly qualified and talent research team with expertise in drug discovery and development to work closely with the leading UTMB investigators working in the fields of infectious diseases, neuroscience, aging, and other disciplines to take advantage of the growing opportunities provided by the emerging discoveries and new biological insights, enabling the discovery and development of novel therapeutics. This integrated academic drug discovery program will cover target discovery and screening, lead generation and validation in novel preclinical for both small molecules and biologics.


Faculty for the Sealy Institute for Drug Discovery include:

Sanja Sever, PhD

Gary Kobinger, PhD, OM, MSC

Thomas Geisbert, PhD, MS

Vineet Menachery, PhD

Xuping Xie, PhD

Jia Zhou, PhD, MS


  • RM Therapeutics. Pharmacology