Research Community Development Grant: Collaborative Research: Knowledge of HIV/AIDS: Expertise, Participation, and the Archive in the Long Pandemic

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This Research Community Development (RCD) project will bring together social scientific, humanistic, and socio-technical scholars of HIV/AIDS who are situated within Science and Technology Studies (STS), with a focus on the themes of (1) the archive of HIV/AIDS; (2) expertise about HIV/AIDS, and; (3) civic participation in HIV/AIDS. We will address each theme across a series of three annual workshops, by supporting nascent research collaborations with small grants, and by creating a robust mentorship program that will pair early career scholars with more established scholars. The core goal is to support community formation and the exchange of ideas among members of this STS community with an eye to synthesizing knowledge of this long pandemic. Activities will be organized with the aim of bridging past findings to socio-technical studies of HIV/AIDS with contemporary trajectories in the field. The RCD will support the next generation of STS scholars focused on HIV and its intersections with other long pandemics. At present, no similar scholarly networks exist.
Effective start/end date9/15/238/31/26


  • National Science Foundation: $62,380.00


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