17D yellow fever vaccines: New insights. A report of a workshop held during the World Congress on Medicine and Health in the Tropics, Marseille, France, Monday 12 September 2005

Alan D.T. Barrett, Thomas P. Monath, Veronique Barban, Matthias Niedrig, Dirk E. Teuwen

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Yellow fever (YF) is a major health problem in endemic regions of Africa and South America. It also poses a serious health risk to travellers to areas with endemic disease. Currently, there is no effective drug treatment for YF; however, 17D YF vaccines have demonstrated high rates of effectiveness and good safety profiles. This workshop was organized to review key data and issues about YF disease and currently available 17D YF vaccines. Starting with an overview of the current disease epidemiology in Africa and South America and a review of the safety data of 17D YF vaccines, data were then presented demonstrating the genetic stability of multiple production lots of a 17D YF vaccine, the immunological responses of healthy subjects post-vaccination and the long-term immunogenicity of 17D YF vaccines. Finally, the findings of the molecular characterization of 17D YF virus sub-strains recovered from rare, fatal cases of post-vaccination serious adverse events were presented. There was unanimous agreement that current 17D YF vaccines have a highly favourable benefit-risk profile when used in persons at risk of exposure to the YF virus, and that appropriate use of 17D YF vaccines will minimize the occurrence of serious adverse events post-vaccination.

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StatePublished - Apr 12 2007



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