A structurally distinct human mycoplasma protein that generically blocks antigen-antibody union

Rajesh K. Grover, Xueyong Zhu, Travis Nieusma, Teresa Jones, Isabel Boero, Amanda S. MacLeod, Adam Mark, Sherry Niessen, Helen J. Kim, Leopold Kong, Nacyra Assad-Garcia, Keehwan Kwon, Marta Chesi, Vaughn V. Smider, Daniel R. Salomon, Diane F. Jelinek, Robert A. Kyle, Richard B. Pyles, John I. Glass, Andrew B. WardIan A. Wilson, Richard A. Lerner

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We report the discovery of a broadly reactive antibody-binding protein (Protein M) from human mycoplasma. The crystal structure of the ectodomain of transmembrane Protein M differs from other known protein structures, as does its mechanism of antibody binding. Protein M binds with high affinity to all types of human and nonhuman immunoglobulin G, predominantly through attachment to the conserved portions of the variable region of the k and l light chains. Protein M blocks antibody-antigen union, likely because of its large C-terminal domain extending over the antibody-combining site, blocking entry to large antigens. Similar to the other immunoglobulin-binding proteins such as Protein A, Protein M as well as its orthologs in other Mycoplasma species could become invaluable reagents in the antibody field.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)656-661
Number of pages6
Issue number6171
StatePublished - 2014
Externally publishedYes

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