A web application towards semiotic-based evaluation of biomedical ontologies

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With the emerging importance of biomedical ontology re-search impacting Big Biomedical Data, there will be a need for knowl-edgebase evaluation that is both systematic and also engage a community of experts. This paper will introduce a prototype in production to evalu-ate the quality of formal ontologies through an online web tool, using the semiotic-inuenced metrics to grade ontology quality. Here we introduce the Semiotic-based Evaluation Management System (SEMS), which is designed for (1) automatic generation of various quality scores of an up-loaded ontology and recommendations for improvement for the ontology, and (2) a GUI for experts to conduct manual review and provide feed-back. In this paper, we will discuss the current status of the tool as well as the course for its continued development.


  • Big data
  • Knowledge engineering
  • Knowledge management
  • Ontology
  • Ontology evaluation
  • Semiotics

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