An outbreak of imported dengue fever from Myanmar to the border of China, with its viral molecular epidemiological features

Hai lin Zhang, Shi hong Fu, Zhang Deng, Jun Yuan, Hong yue Jiang, Ming hua Li, Xiao yan Gao, Jing lin Wang, Yong hua Liu, Zheng liu Yin, Wei hong Yang, Yu zhen Zhang, Yun Feng, Huan yu Wang, Guo dong Liang

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OBJECTIVE: To understand the epidemiologic characteristics of dengue fever, imported from Myanmar to the border of Yunnan province, China. Viral molecular epidemiologic features were also studied.

METHODS: Questionnaires were used on each diagnosed, suspected dengue fever, case or unknown cases with fever when coming from Myanmar entering the port and hospitals in Ruili city of Yunnan province. Serum samples of these patients were collected to detect IgM antibody against dengue virus and RT-PCR assay. Homology and phylogenetic tree based on the whole nucleotide sequence of PrM-C and NS5 gene of dengue virus were further analyzed.

RESULTS: A total of 103 sera were collected from patients at acute stage in Ruili city in July to November 2008. Among them, 49 cases were confirmed for dengue fever according to IgM and nucleic acid testings. Except one, other 48 cases were all imported into Ruili, from Myanmar. Of those, 18 patients were residents from Mujie city of Myanmar and hospitalized in Ruili and the rest 30 patients were Chinese citizens who had finished business and returned from Myanmar. Two isolates of serum samples from the imported cases were identified and both homology and phylogenetic analysis were performed, using the nucleotide sequences of PrM and NS5 genes. They were divided into dengue type 1 (RLB61) and dengue type 3 (RLC31) and were closer to the dengue virus strains isolated from Southeast Asia countries.

CONCLUSION: It is confirmed that an epidemic of dengue fever which was imported from Myanmar to Ruili city of Yunnan province, China. Evidence also showed that both type I and III epidemic strains of dengue virus did exist in Mujie city of Myanmar in 2008.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)428-432
Number of pages5
JournalZhonghua liu xing bing xue za zhi = Zhonghua liuxingbingxue zazhi
Issue number5
StatePublished - May 1 2013
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