Comminuted pelvic fracture with retroperitoneal bleed in a geriatric patient: A case study

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The case study presented involved an 87-year-old Hispanic man who was transferred to the emergency department (ED) of an acute care hospital. The patient was complaining of left hip pain and hitting his head. The patient had fallen backward upon standing from a wheelchair, lost his balance, and suffered an occipital laceration with hematoma. There was a brief loss of consciousness after hitting his head. An external pelvic stabilizer was placed on the patient's pelvis in an attempt to stabilize the comminuted pelvic fractures. Because of the patient's comorbidities and unstable condition, the consulting physician specialists determined that the patient was not a surgical or interventional candidate. Self-tamponed of retroperitoneal bleeding occurred without intervention of angiogram with embolization or laparotomy. A decision was made among the patient, the patient's stepchildren, and the attending physicians for a do-not-resuscitate order. The patient was then transferred to a palliative care unit outside the hospital. This case discusses the physiological changes in geriatric patients and the management of geriatric patients with pelvic trauma and retroperitoneal bleeding.

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  • comminuted pelvic fracture
  • elderly falls
  • retroperitoneal bleed

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