Community-based interventions in asthma

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    Community and public health interventions provide potentially powerful means of decreasing morbidity, hospitalizations, emergency room visits, and mortality from asthma. This chapter thus provides an overview of community-based interventions, which have been demonstrated to be effective-and/or ineffective- in reducing the burden of disease, including development of asthma coalitions, interventions for both provider and patient education, environmental controls to reduce exposure to asthma triggers, and institutional policy and systems change. Perhaps most important is the demonstrated effect of integrated, comprehensive approaches to asthma management and control. A multidisciplinary approach spanning T1 through T4 translational research, coupled with public health activities is promising and has already demonstrated success in reducing the burden of disease.

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    StatePublished - 2014

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    • Asthma coalitions
    • Community asthma interventions
    • Environmental control of asthma triggers
    • Integrated approaches to asthma control
    • Provider and patient education

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