Concomitant reconstruction of infrarenal aorta and inferior vena cava after en bloc resection of retroperitoneal rhabdomyosarcoma

Javier E. Anaya-Ayala, Zulfiqar Cheema, Mark G. Davies, Alan B. Lumsden, Michael J. Reardon

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Adult paratesticular rhabdomyosarcoma (PRMS) with invasion of the retroperitoneum and involvement of the infrarenal aorta and inferior vena cava (IVC) is rare. We describe a 23-year-old male diagnosed with PRMS in 2008, previously treated with right orchiectomy, chemotherapy, and radiation, who presented with new onset of lower back pain. Computed tomography (CT) scan revealed a 4.8 × 4.2 cm mass involving both the infrarenal aorta and the IVC. We resected the tumor en bloc with in situ reconstruction of the aorta utilizing a Dacron graft and the IVC with a bovine pericardium roll graft. His postoperative period was uneventful, and he was discharged on postoperative day 6 in stable condition. At 2-month follow-up, the patient recovered well from the surgery, patent grafts on CT scan with no clinical signs of lower extremity ischemia or edema, and he continues to receive cycles of chemotherapy.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)769-772
Number of pages4
JournalVascular and Endovascular Surgery
Issue number8
StatePublished - Nov 2011
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  • concomitant reconstruction
  • infrarenal aorta and IVC
  • paratesticular rhabdomyosarcoma

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