Dose response effects of hypertonic saline and dextran on cardiovascular responses and plasma volume expansion in sheep

Michael A. Dubick, Jessica M. Davis, Tamara Myers, Charles E. Wade, George C. Kramer

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Despite the established efficacy of 7.5% NaCI/6% dextran-70 in the treatment of hypovolemia, the optimal formulation of a hyperosmotic/hyperoncotic small volume resuscitation solution has yet to be defined. The present study investigates the cardiovascular effects of hypertonic saline ranging from 3.75%-25% NaCI (HS) and dextran-70 (D-70) ranging from 3 to 24%. HS and D-70 were studied alone or in specific combinations at a dose of 4 ml/kg, in euvolemic sheep. Blood samples were collected before, during and up to 60 min after infusion of the test solutions. Dose-dependent effects of HS were immediate increases in cardiac output (CO) of 30-85%, falling to 10-35% over baseline after 60 min. HS concentrations over 3.75% significantly reduced systemic vascular resistance, but HS had no significant effect on mean arterial pressure (MAP). Plasma volume (PV) expansion with HS was an immediate, but transient increase of 12-35%. Infusion of D-70 induced sustained 10-20% increases in CO and 10-30% increases in PV, peaking 10 min post-infusion. D-70 also resulted in small (5-12 mmHg) increases in MAP. Cardiovascular effects of D-70 correlated with a dose-dependent increase in plasma dextran concentrations. All HS solutions significantly increased plasma Na, which peaked at ≥ 200 mEq/L in the 25% group. The effects of D-70 and HS combined were additive on PV expansion and CO. These data indicate that concentrations of HS and D-70 which are higher than those currently used have a greater capability for expanding PV, but use of HS >7.5% may be limited by resulting hypernatremia.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)137-144
Number of pages8
Issue number2
StatePublished - Feb 1995

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