Effect of early treatment with aqueous suppressants on ahmed glaucoma valve implantation outcomes

Mohammad Pakravan, Shahram Salehi Rad, Shahin Yazdani, Elaham Ghahari, Mehdi Yaseri

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Objective To evaluate the effect of early aqueous suppressant treatment on Ahmed glaucoma valve (AGV) surgery outcomes. Design Randomized clinical trial. Participants Ninety-four eyes of 94 patients with refractory glaucoma. Methods After AGV implantation, 47 cases (group 1) received topical timolol-dorzolamide fixed-combination drops twice daily when intraocular pressure (IOP) exceeded 10 mmHg, whereas 47 controls (group 2) received conventional stepwise treatment when IOP exceeded target pressure. Main Outcome Measures Main outcome measures included IOP and success rate (6 mmHg < IOP < 15 mmHg and IOP reduction of at least 30% from baseline). Other outcome measures included best-corrected visual acuity, complications, and hypertensive phase frequency. Results Groups 1 and 2 were both followed up for a mean of 45±11.6 and 47.2±7.4 weeks, respectively (P = 0.74). Mixed model analysis revealed a significantly greater IOP reduction in group 1 at all intervals (P<0.001). At 1 year, the cases exhibited a significantly higher success rate (63.2% vs. 33.3%; P = 0.008) and reduced hypertensive phase frequency (23.4% vs. 66.0%; P<0.001). Conclusions Early aqueous suppressant treatment may improve AGV implantation outcomes in terms of IOP reduction, success rate, and hypertensive phase frequency.

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StatePublished - Sep 2014
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