Efficacy of atropine methylnitrate alone and in combination with albuterol in children with asthma

P. Vichyanond, W. A. Sladek, S. Sur, M. R. Hill, S. J. Szefler, H. S. Nelson

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The bronchodilator effect of nebulized AMN, albuterol and their combination was evaluated in 16 steroid-dependent asthmatic children. In phase 1, maximal bronchodilation was determined by dose-response studies on separate days. Maximal bronchodilator dose of each drug was administered either alone or in combination during phase 2. In phase 1, 0.11±0.01 mg/kg of albuterol and 0.03 mg/kg of AMN produced maximum bronchodilation. In phase 2, the peak response to albuterol occurred within 30 min and to AMN, at 60 min. Maximal FEV1 achieved after AMN was 90 percent of the maximal achieved after albuterol. AMN FEV1 response was better than for placebo for 3 h; that for albuterol was better for 4 h. Combination therapy produced a peak response similar to that of albuterol but was better than albuterol by 6 h. Thus, the maximum bronchodilator effect of AMN is less than that of albuterol in asthmatic children, but the combination may extend the period of bronchodilatation.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)637-642
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StatePublished - 1990
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