In-hospital and Readmission Outcomes With Percutaneous Balloon Mitral Valvuloplasty

Ahmed Elkaryoni, Fizza Hussain, Nicole Chahine, Rizwan Khan, Akshay Malhotra, Amgad Mentias, Mohamad A. Alkhouli, Barry L. Sharaf, Paul Gordon, John J. Lopez, Herbert D. Aronow, Jinnette Dawn Abbott, Marwan Saad

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Percutaneous balloon mitral valvuloplasty (PBMV) is primarily performed for rheumatic mitral stenosis (MS). Therefore, limited data exist on PBMV in countries with a low incidence of rheumatic disease. Using the Nationwide Readmission Database, we examined trends in in-hospital mortality and 30-day readmission among patients who received PBMV for rheumatic and non-rheumatic MS. We also examined the change in 90-day hospitalization rate before vs after PBMV. Between 2016 and 2019, there were 1109 hospitalizations in which patients received PBMV for rheumatic (n = 955, 86.1%) vs non-rheumatic MS (n = 154, 13.9%). The all-cause in-hospital mortality for rheumatic and non-rheumatic MS did not change over time (0.9% → 2.0%, P = 0.94, and 5.9% → 9.5%, P = 0.09 respectively). Similarly, the 30-day readmission for patients with rheumatic and non-rheumatic MS did not change over time (12.4% → 9.9%, P = 0.26, and 4.4% → 10.5%, P = 0.30, respectively). The 90-day all-cause hospitalization rate remained the same before vs after PBMV for rheumatic and non-rheumatic MS (25.5% → 21.8%; P = 0.14, and 24.0% → 33.7%; P = 0.19, respectively). Although no statistically significant change was noted over time for trends in in-hospital mortality, 30-day readmission, or even in the change in 90-day all-cause hospitalizations before and after PBMV for both types of MS, among those with non-rheumatic MS, there was a signal of an increase in the in-hospital mortality, and 30-day readmission, even more, there was 29% relative increase in 90-day hospitalizations after PBMV. Future studies are needed to examine the role of PBMV in patients with non-rheumatic MS.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Article number101367
JournalCurrent Problems in Cardiology
Issue number12
StatePublished - Dec 2022
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