Interferon‐Inducing Activity of an Immuno‐therapeutic Anticancer Agent, SSM, Prepared from Mycobacterium tuberculosis Strain Aoyama B

Yoshiro Hayashi, Takusaburo Ebina, Fujio Suzuki, Nakao Ishida

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The interferon‐inducing capacity of arabinomannan‐lipid preparation (SSM) extracted from Mycobacterium tuberculosis Aoyama B in both BCG‐sensitized and unsensitized mice was studied in comparison with that of purified protein derivative (PPD) prepared from the same tubercle bacillus. Although it is known that PPD cannot stimulate interferon production in BCG‐unsensitized mice, interferon activity was found in sera of both groups of mice after intravenous injection of SSM at a dose of 5 mg/kg. The maximum titer was detected 5 hr after injection. The interferon induced by SSM in both groups of mice shared certain physicochemical properties with the immune interferon induced by PPD in BCG‐sensitized mice. In BCG‐unsensitized mice, interferon induction by SSM was markedly inhibited by pretreatment with trypan blue and carrageenan, whereas it was not depressed in BCG‐sensitized mice given the same treatment or when interferon was induced by PPD. In addition, induction of interferon in BCG‐sensitized mice by SSM and PPD and in unsensitized mice by SSM was completely abrogated by pretreatment with hydrocortisone acetate and whole‐body x‐irradiation (700 R). These results suggest that in BCG‐unsensitized mice macrophages, in addition to X‐ray or hydrocortisone‐sensitive cells, may be required for interferon induction by SSM.

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StatePublished - Mar 1981
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