Management of congenital subglottic hemangioma

C. Anthony Hughes, Ali Rezaee, Jeffrey P. Ludemann, Lauren D. Holinger

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Objective: This study was conducted to assess the safety and efficacy of individualized management of congenital subglottic hemangioma (CSH) at the Children's Memorial Hospital in Chicago; describe treatment modalities, including endoscopic excision with the carbon dioxide (CO2) laser, systemic corticosteroids, and intralesional corticosteroid injection with short-term intubation; and determine the success of these various strategies in avoiding tracheotomy. Methods: During the 10-year period between January 1, 1988 and December 31, 1997, 28 infants were diagnosed with CSH. A retrospective review of medical records was undertaken to determine demographics, presenting symptoms, location of the lesion, therapeutic modality, and complications. All patients were contacted at the time of writing. Results: Twenty-eight patients met the criteria for this study. Gender distribution was 1.8:1 female to male. Age at diagnosis ranged from 4 weeks to 8 months, with a mean of 78.8 days and a median of 60 days. The location of CSH was most often posterior and on the left. Associated hemangiomas were found in 14 (50%) cases. The most common symptoms were stridor and cough. Management included 1 to 13 operative direct laryngoscopies and bronchoscopies, endoscopic excision with the (CO2) laser, and the use of systemic and intralesional corticosteroids. No patient required tracheotomy. Conclusion: Morbidity and the need for tracheotomy in CSH patients can be minimized using a combination of therapeutic modalities. Each infant's treatment is individualized based on the severity of the patient's symptoms and the morphology of the lesion.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)223-228
Number of pages6
JournalJournal of Otolaryngology
Issue number4
StatePublished - Aug 1999
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  • CO laser
  • Congenital subglottic hemangioma
  • Tracheotomy

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