Mesenteric desmoid tumour presenting with recurrent abdominal abscess and duodenal fistula: A case report and review of literature

Kai Huang, Heather Stuart, Kirill Lyapichev, Andrew E. Rosenberg, Alan S. Livingstone

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Introduction Desmoid tumors are locally destructive but histologically benign. Their management involves close observation and surgical, medical, or hormonal treatment. Presentation of the case A 36-year-old male was admitted for abdominal pain and fever. A CT scan showed fluid collections and air within a mesenteric mass. Diagnostic laparotomy was performed with drainage of the abscess and biopsy of the mass. The pathology suggested a desmoid tumor. His fever and abdominal pain persisted. An endoscopy was performed, which demonstrated a fistula track in the third part of the duodenum. After a multidisciplinary discussion, consensus was to pursue surgical intervention. The patient underwent an en bloc resection of the tumor including a portion of the wall of the third part of the duodenum. The final pathology confirmed a desmoid tumor with a fistula track to the duodenum. The patient had a re-laparotomy on POD2 for intra-abdominal bleeding but was discharged without further events on POD7. He had no evidence of recurrence on follow-up at 11 months. Discussion Desmoid tumors are rarely complicated by abscess formation or fistulization. The management of intra-abdominal desmoids in this setting is challenging, as patients are often symptomatic and unresponsive to medical management. Percutaneous drainage and antibiotics are often initiated as first-line treatment, followed by surgery or medical therapy after evaluation of resectability and tumor stage. Conclusion Rare complications can arise with intra-abdominal desmoid tumors. Principles of infection control should be applied in combination with optimization of oncologic outcome. A multidisciplinary approach helps to achieve both these objectives.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)119-123
Number of pages5
JournalInternational Journal of Surgery Case Reports
StatePublished - 2017
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