Nicotine reduces food-induced release of gastrin

C. Gomez, V. Udupi, I. Lambertz, X. Qi, F. L.C. Hill, J. G. Thompson, G. H. Greeley

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    Nicotine1 (N) can decrease stornach gastrin gene expression in rats. The purpose of these experiments was to characterise the effect of N on f ood-s t imulatcd release of gastrin. METHOD . Adul I ma 1 e 3-D rat s were gi ven N or vehicle for t wo weeks (f>. 12 mg/kg/d) by means of SC implanted Alzet osmotic pumps. Rat s were fed AIN-'?6 or a beef tallow diet (High Fat II). Vehicl" treated rats were pair-fed accord ing to the daily food i n t nki> of N-treated rats . At the end of the two week N t reatmeni . rat s were fas ted for 24 hours . Fast cd r .it .s wore sac r i f i ccd without refeeding (BASAL) or refed. Refed rats were sacrificed at 30 and 60 mm after refeeding. Serum was co! l;cted from al 1 rat s for measurement of gastri n 1evels by radi01mmunoassay. RESULTS. N did riot affect basal gastrin levels. Food-induced release of gastrin was reduced significantly in N-1 reat ed rats. '= P<0 . 05 vs - re spec t i ve groups g i ven saline; 11= 6 - 8 rat s/groiip SERUM GASTRIN Cpg/mlJ NICOTINE(Umg/kg/di NICOTINE(6mg,/ /kg/d .' GROUP BASAL 30 MIN 60 MIN BASAL 30 MIN 60 MIN AIN 76 101111 126±7 152±7 9811? 143 ±3 195±K AIN 76+N 96±8 110±8 92±6' 8211Ü161113 14?±15 High FatII 10217 144±8 140±8 83110 137113 13 /±14 High FatII+N 10915 1121690±798113 99±13136±11 CONCLUSIONS. N decreases food-induced release of gastrin. N-induced decrease in gastrin secretion may be partly due to a N-induced élevât ion in gastric acid secretion.

    Original languageEnglish (US)
    Pages (from-to)A380
    JournalFASEB Journal
    Issue number3
    StatePublished - Dec 1 1996

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