Nucleotide Sequence of the Mouse Glycoprotein Gene 1 +

Robin Cooper, D. Mark Eckley, John Papaconstantinou

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In a previous paper we presented evidence for the existence of at least two glycoprotein (AGP) genes in the mouse. One of the cDNA clones characterized in those studies was used to isolate several unique AGP genomic clones. In these studies we present the complete sequence of one of the mouse AGP genes. The sequence analysis includes 595 base pairs (bp) 5’ to the site of initiation of transcription and 135 bp to the polyadenylation signal. This mouse AGP gene, designated AGP-1, has six exons, a structure similar to those of the AGP genes in rats and humans. Analysis of the sequence has revealed a number of potential regulatory sites. These include a run of alternating bases at +2890 to +2945, flanked by three potential glucocorticoid receptor binding sites within intron 5. Two of these TGTTCT at +3069 to +3074 and +3082 to +3087 flank the track at its end, and one, which is oriented in the opposite direction (AGAACA), at +2771 to +2776 flanks the track at its 5’ end. A longer version of the glucocorticoid receptor site, GGGTACAATGTGTCCT, has been located in the 5’ flanking region of the gene (-94 to -79); the sequence AGAACA is another potential glucocorticoid receptor site oriented in the opposite direction and located at -127 to -122. This entire region, from -146 to -42, in the mouse has a strong homology (~85%) to the 5’ flanking region of the rat AGP gene, which contains a 78-bp fragment (-120 to -42) that represents the minimal sequence required for glucocorticoid regulation. A sequence of 38 nucleotides (-22 to +16) that is homologous to similarly located sequences previously observed in three human acute-phase proteins has also been identified. We suggest that this sequence may represent an acute-phase protein regulatory element.

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StatePublished - 1987

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