Nutritional Approaches to Treating Sarcopenia

Douglas Paddon-Jones, Luc van Loon

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    Title of host publicationSarcopenia
    PublisherJohn Wiley & Sons, Ltd
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    StatePublished - Jul 27 2012


    • Adequate nutrition, for muscle mass/strength/functional capacity
    • Age on protein anabolism, and response to meals
    • IOM's AMDR, flexibility with meal plan/individual need
    • Nutrition-focused sarcopenia, obstacles/opportunities
    • Nutritional approaches to treating sarcopenia
    • Protein/amino acid supplementation, in concert with exercise
    • RDA adequacy for protein, topics of debate
    • Sarcopenia, progressive, insidious, muscle mass loss after 30
    • Sarcopenic muscle loss in the elderly, continued failure in evidence-based care
    • Synergistic, physical/nutrition, on net muscle protein accretion

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