One-Year Comparison of a Community-Based Exercise Program Versus a Day Hospital-Based Exercise Program on Quality of Life and Mental Health in Severely Burned Children

Raquel Peña, Oscar Suman, Marta Rosenberg, Clark R. Andersen, David Herndon, Walter Meyer

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Objective: To compare the effects of long-term psychosocial functioning and mental health of a "day hospital"-based exercise program (DAYEX) versus a community-based exercise program (COMBEX). Design: A prospective design that consisted of 2 groups (DAYEX and COMBEX). Setting: A children's hospital specialized in burn care. Participants: Patients (N=18; DAYEX [n=9], COMBEX [n=9]) were assessed at intensive care unit discharge and up to 1 year postburn. Interventions: The Child Health Questionnaires (CHQ-Child Form [CHQ-CF87] and CHQ-Parent Form [CHQ-PF28]) were used to assess changes in quality of life from discharge to 1 year postburn. Main Outcome Measures: CHQ-PF28 and CHQ-CF87. Results: Demographic characteristics and total body surface area burned were similar in both groups. Length of hospital stay was significant in the COMBEX group. CHQ-CF87 and CHQ-PF28 documented significant improvements in both groups between discharge and 1 year. Significance was evident in Physical Functioning, Bodily Pain, Self-Esteem, Change in Health, and Family Activities. CHQ-CF87 showed improvement in Family Cohesion in COMBEX more than DAYEX. CHQ-PF28 showed improvement in Role/Social Limitations-Emotional, Bodily Pain, and Family Activities in COMBEX more than DAYEX. Conclusions: The proposed COMBEX program is feasible and beneficial physically, psychosocially, and mentally. The results show some improvements in the COMBEX group in optimizing function and health in severely burned children. The COMBEX group performed at least as well as the DAYEX group. Larger-scale studies are needed to validate current findings.

Original languageEnglish (US)
JournalArchives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
StateAccepted/In press - Jan 1 2018



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