PIGG defines the Emm blood group system

William J. Lane, Judith Aeschlimann, Sunitha Vege, Christine Lomas-Francis, Anna Burgos, Helen H. Mah, Justin B.L. Halls, Peter Baeck, Peter C. Ligthart, Barbera Veldhuisen, Ripal J. Shah, Sanmukh R. Joshi, Connie M. Westhoff

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Emm is a high incidence red cell antigen with eight previously reported Emm− probands. Anti-Emm appears to be naturally occurring yet responsible for a clinically significant acute hemolytic transfusion reaction. Previous work suggests that Emm is located on a GPI-anchored protein, but the antigenic epitope and genetic basis have been elusive. We investigated samples from a South Asian Indian family with two Emm− brothers by whole genome sequencing (WGS). Additionally, samples from four unrelated Emm− individuals were investigated for variants in the candidate gene. Filtering for homozygous variants found in the Emm− brothers and by gnomAD frequency of < 0.001 resulted in 1818 variants with one of high impact; a 2-bp deletion causing a frameshift and premature stop codon in PIGG [NM_001127178.3:c.2624_2625delTA, p.(Leu875*), rs771819481]. PIGG encodes for a transferase, GPI-ethanolaminephosphate transferase II, which adds ethanolamine phosphate (EtNP) to the second mannose in a GPI-anchor. The four additional unrelated Emm− individuals had various PIGG mutations; deletion of Exons 2–3, deletion of Exons 7–9, insertion/deletion (indel) in Exon 3, and new stop codon in Exon 5. The Emm− phenotype is associated with a rare deficiency of PIGG, potentially defining a new Emm blood group system composed of EtNP bound to mannose, part of the GPI-anchor. The results are consistent with the known PI-linked association of the Emm antigen, and may explain the production of the antibody in the absence of RBC transfusion. Any association with neurologic phenotypes requires further research.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Article number18545
JournalScientific reports
Issue number1
StatePublished - Dec 2021
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