Prevalence of Fasciola hepatica in humans and cattle in the department of Quindio-Colombia 2012-2013

Translated title of the contribution: Prevalencia de Fasciola hepatica, en humanos y bovinos en el departamento del Quindío-Colombia 2012-2013

Delia Piedad Recalde-Reyes, Leonardo Padilla Sanabria, Maria Giraldo Giraldo, Lily Johana Toro Segovia, María Mercedes Gonzalez, Jhon Carlos Castaño Osorio

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Materials and methods A descriptive, cross-sectional study was performed by parasitological analysis of feces of cattle workers and cattle in 12 municipalities of department of Quindío using the Lugol direct technique, Kato-Katz and Ritchie concentrations. The determination of Fasciola hepatic antigens in feces was performed by the Fascidig® immunological technique. In addition, an epidemiological survey concerning the symptomatology of the disease and the risk factors involved in the acquisition of this parasite was carried out.

Results The F. hepatica prevalence in cattle was 3,74%, by optical microscopy and 3,01% with Fascidig® and 0% in humans. The animals received antiparasitics in the months prior to the taking of samples; however the presence of F. hepatica eggs in cattle feces was determined. The cities where positive results were found include: Salento, Génova, Quimbaya, Montenegro y Circasia.

Conclusion We have demonstrated the presence of the parasite F. hepatica in cattle in 4 cities in the region of Quindío.

Introduction Fascioliasis is a parasitic disease caused by Fasciola hepatica (F. hepatica). The prevalence of this infection in the region of Quindío in humans and in cattle is unknown.

Objectives To determine the prevalence of F. hepatica in feces of cattle workers and cattle in the region of Quindío from September 2012 to March 2013.

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