Primary Gianturco stent placement for inferior vena cava abnormalities following liver transplantation

Susan M. Weeks, David A. Gerber, Paul F. Jaques, Jeet Sandhu, Mark W. Johnson, Jeffrey H. Fair, Matthew A. Mauro

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PURPOSE: To determine the efficacy of primary Gianturco stent placement for patients with inferior vena caval (IVC) abnormalities following liver transplantation. MATERIALS AND METHODS: From August 1996 through March 1999, nine adult patients developed significant IVC abnormalities following liver transplantation. Patients were referred for vena cavography on the basis of abnormal clinical findings, laboratory values, liver biopsy results, Doppler findings, or a combination. Those patients demonstrating a significant caval or hepatic venous gradient were treated with primary Gianturco stent placement. Patients were followed clinically (nine patients), with duplex ultrasound (nine patients), vena cavography (four patients), and biopsy (seven patients). RESULTS: Original pressure gradients ranged from 3 to 14 mm Hg, with a mean of 9 mm Hg. Gradients were reduced to 3 mm Hg or less in all nine patients; presenting signs and symptoms either resolved or improved in eight of nine patients. The ninth patient required repeated transplantation 2 days later. A second patient died 433 days after stent placement of recurrent hepatitis C. Another initially improved following caval stent placement, but underwent repeated transplantation 7 days later due to hepatic necrosis from hepatic arterial thrombosis. Follow-up for the remaining six patients has averaged 491 days, with no clinical, venographic, or ultrasound evidence for recurrent caval stenosis. CONCLUSIONS: Intermediate term results suggest that primary Gianturco stent placement for IVC stenosis, compression, or torsion resulting after liver transplantation is safe and effective.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)177-187
Number of pages11
JournalJournal of Vascular and Interventional Radiology
Issue number2 I
StatePublished - Feb 2000
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  • Liver, transplantation
  • Stents and prostheses
  • Venae cavae, stents and prostheses

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