Prolonged survival of patients with extensive oat cell carcinoma treated with radiotherapy and cyclophosphamide (NSC 26271), vincristine (NSC 67574), and methotrexate (NSC 740)

J. Bitran, H. M. Golomb, R. K. Desser, M. Colman

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During the past 3 yr, combination therapy for oat cell carcinoma of the lung has improved the dismal natural history of this disease, for which the median survival had been 3 mth. Recently, Eagan et al. reported a median survival of 9.5 mth in patients with oat cell carcinoma treated with radiotherapy and combination chemotherapy. The authors used a protocol similar to that of Eagan. Chemotherapy consisted of cyclophosphamide, vincristine, and methotrexate (CVM). They have confirmed the results reported by others in a group of 18 patients, 16 of whom had extensive bone or liver disease. The median survival of all patients treated was 9 mth. Responders (CR and PR) had a median survival of 11 mth which was attained with negligible toxicity. There was a very significant difference in survival between responders (CR and PR) and nonresponders: 11 mth versus 1.8 mth respectively (P=0.01). It is possible to predict which patients will respond, since objective response is usually seen within the first 2 cycles of chemotherapy.

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StatePublished - 1976
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