Rickettsia felis rickettsiosis in Yucatan

Jorge E. Zavala-Velázquez, José A. Ruiz-Sosa, J. Zavala-Castro, B. Jiménez-Delgadillo, I. E. Vado-Solis, Roger A. Sánchez-Elias, Gerardo Becerra-Carmona, C. Moron, Donald Bouyer, David Walker

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Three patients with fever, exanthem, headache, and central-nervous-system involvement were diagnosed with Rickettsia felis infection by specific PCR of blood or skin and seroconversion to surrogate Rickettsia antigens. Although R felis's relationship to other Rickettsia species is known and the pathogenic potential of this clade is well documented, R felis's role as a pathogen has not been fully understood.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)1079-1080
Number of pages2
Issue number9235
StatePublished - Sep 23 2000


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Zavala-Velázquez, J. E., Ruiz-Sosa, J. A., Zavala-Castro, J., Jiménez-Delgadillo, B., Vado-Solis, I. E., Sánchez-Elias, R. A., Becerra-Carmona, G., Moron, C., Bouyer, D., & Walker, D. (2000). Rickettsia felis rickettsiosis in Yucatan. Lancet, 356(9235), 1079-1080.