Said another way: seeing the nursing profession from a different perspective: nurstry? Why not!

Huey-Ming Tzeng, Chang Yi Yin

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Nurses need to identify themselves through a true revolution. Nurses should be treated as equals with physicians, and nursing as a profession that is capable of independent practice. For this very reason, the term "Nurstry" was invented by the authors to refer to the science and caring art of nursing. Nurstry includes nursing knowledge developed by nurstrists and nurses in the global nursing village. This commentary included sections of discussion as follows: (a) nurses' occupational identity in the time of the Old Testament; (b) nursing profession in the 21st century; (c) smart nurses and the cruel reality in practice; (d) distorted occupational personality; and (e) nurstry as a distinct, professional discipline.

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StatePublished - Jan 1 2007
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