Standards in Biologic Lesions: Cutaneous Thermal Injury and Inhalation Injury Working Group 2018 Meeting Proceedings

The Standards in Biologic Lesions Working Group

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On August 27 and 28, 2018, the American Burn Association, in conjunction with Underwriters Laboratories, convened a group of experts on burn and inhalation injury in Washington, DC. The goal of the meeting was to identify and discuss the existing knowledge, data, and modeling gaps related to understanding cutaneous thermal injury and inhalation injury due to exposure from a fire environment, and in addition, address two more areas proposed by the American Burn Association Research Committee that are critical to burn care but may have current translational research gaps (inflammatory response and hypermetabolic response). Representatives from the Underwriters Laboratories Firefighter Safety Research Institute and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives Fire Research Laboratory presented the state of the science in their fields, highlighting areas that required further investigation and guidance from the burn community. Four areas were discussed by the full 24 participant group and in smaller groups: Basic and Translational Understanding of Inhalation Injury, Thermal Contact and Resulting Injury, Systemic Inflammatory Response and Resuscitation, and Hypermetabolic Response and Healing. A primary finding was the need for validating historic models to develop a set of reliable data on contact time and temperature and resulting injury. The working groups identified common areas of focus across each subtopic, including gaining an understanding of individual response to injury that would allow for precision medicine approaches. Predisposed phenotype in response to insult, the effects of age and sex, and the role of microbiomes could all be studied by employing multi-omic (systems biology) approaches.

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