Stem cell factor (SCF) can regulate the activation and expansion of murine intraepithelial lymphocytes

Tian Wang, Keith E. Langley, William K. Gourley, Gary R. Klimpel

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Murine intraepithelial lymphocytes (IEL) express c-kit, the receptor for stem cell factor (SCF). SCF induced a low but significant proliferative response in IEL, but not in splenic T cells. SCF stimulation of IEL resulted in an expansion of the c-kit+, TCRγδ+ cell population. SCF-induced proliferation was dependent upon SCF-c-kit interactions, since antibody to c-kit blocked this response, and TEL obtained from c-kit mutant (W/W(v)) mice failed to respond to SCF. SCF acted synergistically with anti-TCRγδ and with concavalin A (Con A) to induce proliferation and interferon γ (IFN-γ) production in IEL. Finally, mice injected with SCF had a significant increase in the number of IEL in the small intestine. SCF-treated mice had increased numbers of TCRαβ+ and TCRγδ+ cell populations, as well as increased numbers of c-kit+ and c-kit- IEL. These data suggest that SCF-c-kit interactions play an important role in regulating IEL expansion and activation. (C) 2000 Academic Press.

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StatePublished - Mar 2000


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