Synergistic protection against experimental cholera by immunization with cholera toxoid and vaccine.

J. W. Peterson

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Rabbits were immunized with two parenteral injections of Wellcome toxoid PX389A, Wyeth toxoid 20101, or Merck bivalent vaccine. Other groups of rabbits were immunized with combinations of the Merck vaccine and each of the two toxoids. Antitoxin responses were monitored in each group of rabbits before livecell challenge of each animal by the ligated intestinal loop assay. Inaba and Ogawa strains of Vibrio cholerae were used for challenge experiments. Basically, the data indicate that the toxoids were equivalent in antigenic potency and antitoxin responses were unaffected by combination of the toxoids with the whole-cell vaccine. The 50 microgram doses of each toxoid as well as the 4 X 10(9) cells of the bivalent vaccine provided the same magnitude of protection against live-cell challenge with either Inaba or Ogawa vibrios. Immunization with either toxoid in combination with the bivalent vaccine resulted in a synergistic protective response against live-cell challenge of intestinal loops with V. cholerae. Synergistic protection was observed when toxoid and vaccine were administered together by the oral and parenteral routes. Maximum protection was obtained when rabbits were immunized with the combined toxoid-whole-cell vaccine administered by both oral and parenteral routes.

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JournalInfection and immunity
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StatePublished - Nov 1979
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