The who, what, when, where, whom, and how of hospitalist care

Harold C. Sox, Frank Davidoff, Edward J. Huth, Christine Laine, Paul Epstein, Cynthia D. Mulrow, Elias Abrutyn, E. Victor Adlin, Robert G. Badgett, Martin Black, Leonard E. Braitman, Steven N. Goodman, DuPont Guerry, Anne Jones, William G. Kussmaul, Michael A. LaCombe, A. Russell Localio, Raymond R. Townsend, Barbara J. Turner, Mary Beth SchaefferRuth Burrows, Nicole Caputo, Elizabeth Gibson, Jill Jackson, Nicole Massone, Gerry Woodard, Graciela Alarcón, Mildred Cho, Kenneth E. Covinsky, Janice P. Dutcher, Alan M. Garber, Raymond Gibbons, Muriel R. Gillick, Talmadge E. King, Alessandro Liberati, Lynn D. Loriaux, Randolph A. Miller, Robert C. Moellering, Eric G. Neilson, Olufunmilayo I. Olopade, Santiago Pavlovsky, Daniel Podolsky, Neil R. Powe, Kenneth I. Shine, Emil Skamene

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In this issue, two studies by Auerbach and Meltzer and colleagues corroborate past research on hospitalists and are the first to report that hospitalists' outcomes, including patient survival, improve as hospitalists gain experience. Given these results, is it time to recommend that hospitalists care for all hospitalized patients?

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)930-931
Number of pages2
JournalAnnals of Internal Medicine
Issue number11
StatePublished - Dec 3 2002
Externally publishedYes


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Sox, H. C., Davidoff, F., Huth, E. J., Laine, C., Epstein, P., Mulrow, C. D., Abrutyn, E., Adlin, E. V., Badgett, R. G., Black, M., Braitman, L. E., Goodman, S. N., Guerry, D., Jones, A., Kussmaul, W. G., LaCombe, M. A., Localio, A. R., Townsend, R. R., Turner, B. J., ... Skamene, E. (2002). The who, what, when, where, whom, and how of hospitalist care. Annals of Internal Medicine, 137(11), 930-931.