Weekly Bone Loading Exercise Effects on a Healthy Subject’s Strength, Bone Density, and Bone Biomarkers

Ann Tsung, Daniel Jupiter, John Jaquish, Jean Sibonga

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BACKGROUND: Bone density loss affects astronauts in long-duration spaceflight. The OsteoStrongw Company has shown increased hip (14.95%) and lumbar (16.6%) area bone mineral density (aBMD) after 6 mo of exercises with their loading devices. The devices were tested on one subject as a pilot study. CASE REPORT: The subject performed 15 min of osteogenic exercises weekly for 24 wk. Total and regional aBMD, BAP (bone formation biomarker), NTX (bone resorption biomarker), forces exerted on devices, and weekly maximum weights lifted were collected. The control data was the subject’s own lifting records 1.5 yr prestudy. The subject increased forces exerted on the devices in the upper extremity (97%, 197 to 390 kg; 435 to 859 lb), lower extremity (43%, 767 to 1097 kg; 1690 to 2418 lb), and spinal compression (22%, 275 to 336 kg; 607 to 740 lb). The monthly strength gain rate increased for snatch (2.3 vs. 0.71 kg; 5 vs. 1.56 lb), clean and jerk (2.5 vs. 0.4 kg; 5.5 vs. 0.88 lb), back squat (3.74 vs. 0 kg; 8.25 vs. 0 lb), front squat (2.15 vs. 0.2 kg; 4.75 vs. 0.47 lb), and deadlift (3.97 vs. 1.09 kg; 8.75 vs. 2.4 lb). The BAP increased by 39% (10.4 to 14.5 4 ug · L21) and NTX decreased by 41% (13.4 to 7 nmol · L21 BME). aBMD increased in the head (6%), arms (4.3%), trunk (6.3%), ribs (3.8%), and pelvis (11%). There were no differences in body weight, legs, spine, and whole-body aBMD on the full-body dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry (DXA). There were no differences in lumbar, hip, and femoral neck aBMD on the regional DXA. DISCUSSION: The osteogenic loading apparatus used for 15 min weekly increased strength for the one individual in this preliminary study. Future studies on astronauts and other healthy populations are necessary.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)201-206
Number of pages6
JournalAerospace Medicine and Human Performance
Issue number3
StatePublished - Mar 2021


  • bone density
  • functional strength
  • osteogenic loading

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