Why I'm Not a Cognitive Psychologist... or a Behaviorist... or a Biologist

Erik J. Garcia

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"Science" is under increasing amounts of scrutiny. Concerns about reproducibility, reduced institutional support, and intensified competition has been highlighted in recent years, but segregated science endangers scientific discovery above all. Segregated science can be interdisciplinary (biology vs psychology) or intradisciplinary (behaviorism vs cognitive psychology). The advancement of science and public knowledge depends on the unification of all disciplines to better understand the phenomena scientists study. We suggest that engendering collaborations across scientific disciplines produces better-designed research and appropriate interpretations, and increases career-long success. I am not a cognitive psychologist, behaviorist, or biologist because I am a neuroscientist.

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JournalACS chemical neuroscience
Issue number10
StatePublished - Oct 18 2017
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